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Thank you for your interest in Pack 89

The Purpose of this page is to give general information about Cub Scouting and Pack 89 to anyone that is interested or anyone who is currently in Pack 89 and just wants to learn more.

Everything boys do in Cub Scouting has a purpose. Learning is done by having fun and doing activities with incentives. A lot of the fun happens right in the den and pack. Cub Scouts will have lots of to do-crafts, games, sports, songs, stories, camping, hiking, and much more. The aim of Cub Scouting and Pack 89 is to help boys grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially into good citizens who are strong in character and personally fit.

While having fun, a Cub Scout will earn badges and awards, work on projects with parents or other adults, and the whole family will feel good about the things the Cub Scout accomplishes and feel joy in watching the Cub Scout grow. The Cub Scouts is for Boys who will be in the 1st thru 5th grades during the school year.

Pack 89 has a rich 50+ year history (first chartered in April 1960) of making an everlasting impact on our families, our communities, and our country by helping boys on their path to become men of character.

Pack Outings & Events: Include the following annual events: Spring and fall pack campouts, Sports Night, Museum Overnight at one of Chicago’s major museums, Hiking Club hikes, summer day camp, Christmas tree decorating at Brookfield Zoo, Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Banquet, Memorial Day Parade, and 4th of July Day Parade. Examples of other possible outings that have been done in the past include: hockey games, baseball games, geocaching, ice skating, Camp Cubsicle, fishing, flag retirement ceremonies, soap box derby, Scout-O-Rama, and much more. We also have a tradition of service to our community through various community service projects.

Dens: The pack is divided up in to dens. A den is a small group of boys (preferably six to eight) in the same grade/age level who meet regularly. Den meetings are generally held weekly or at least two times per month, on a day and time determined by the den. During den meetings the scouts work on scout advancement, learn about scouting values, build art & craft projects, or go on outings. See the Advancement plan page on this website for more information. Dens organize many outings on their own. Some examples of these types of events are: geocaching, orienteering, visiting firehouses, sports activities, visiting police stations, visiting radio stations, visiting TV stations, educational nature hikes, conservation projects, and much more.

Additional Webelos Outings: include an annual Webelo’s overnight camp out, a three night camp out at Three Fires Council’s Boy Scout camp in Wisconsin (Camp Freeland Leslie), and a Klondike Derby where they will amaze you in what they can do when properly challenged.

Pack Meetings are held once each month during the school year and are led by the Cubmaster. There are games, skits, songs, ceremonies, and presentations of badges that boys earned during the month. All parents, brothers, & sisters are invited to pack meetings to see the achievements of the Cub Scout. Pack meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month during the school year in a multi-purpose room at St. Joan of Arc Elementary School known as the Par. Meetings usually start at 6:45 pm and end at around 7:45 - 8:00 pm.

Hiking Club is a Pack-wide hiking program. The goal of the program is to regularly expose Scouts to the out-of-doors, introduce the concept of map reading, instill respect for nature and the environment, demonstrate the fun and benefits of exercise, build a sense of team and recognize their accomplishments. Participating scouts' miles are tracked and they receive recognition in the form of patches called, "mile marker" at 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 miles etc. The club will also assist scouts in earning their hiking belt loop and pin as well as fulfilling rank requirements. Attendance at all hiking events is completely optional. The miles are transferable to Boy Scouts.

Fees and costs: The cost to enroll your Scout each year from March 2016 to August 2017 is currently $150.00 which includes a subscription to the “Boy’s Life” magazine. Other fees are collected for various events as needed, for example: Day Camp, Sports Night, Museum Overnight, Webelos Overnight, Webelos Adventure Camp, food for fall and spring camp outs, and Den dues as determined by your den, etc. We have a main fund raiser, which is a popcorn sale in the fall. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Discounts on pack events are usually given (depending on how much money is raised that year by the pack and the individual scout) to families that meet minimum popcorn sales goals. Pack 89 provides the Cub Scout Handbooks for each rank, neckerchiefs and slides for each rank, a brag vest to hold extra patches, patches for uniforms, awards (patches, belt loops, etc.) as they are earned, pinewood derby car kits for the scouts, etc. Pack 89 usually offers discounts for certain events based on popcorn sales results (this policy is subject to review and change by the leaders every year). One or two other fund raisers may be organized throughout the year as needed such as a pancake breakfast or car wash.

Handbooks (Tiger Cub Handbook, Wolf Handbook, Bear Handbook, and Webelo Handbook): The Handbooks help your son advance in rank. Pack 89 provides the Handbooks to the cub scouts. Once you have the appropriate book go through it as soon as possible and go through it with your son. The rank book is an invaluable tool for both parent and scout.

Uniforms: Scouts should have a uniform shirt and a belt to hold their belt loops as they earn them. This is known as a "class A" uniform. A brag vest will be provided to new scouts joining Pack 89 to hold the many patches they earn throughout Cub Scouts that don’t fit on the regular uniform. The uniform is the way we show off our Scouts advancements, to build a sense of accomplishment in the Cub Scout, and to show respect for the values of scouting. When wearing the uniform, it should be tucked in. The uniform needs to be worn to all Pack meetings, Den meetings, or events unless otherwise instructed. The local Scout supply stores should have everything you need to get started or The Chalkboard has uniforms as well.  Pack 89 will provide the patches that need to go on the uniform, such as the white on red numbers "89" and a council patch. Pack 89 also provides the neckerchief (scarf) and slide for each rank level. If you are not sure what goes where, see your scout book, click here, or ask one of our leaders for help.

Pack 89 offers sweat shirts and t-shirts for sale from time to time to help keep the uniforms clean during outdoor “dirty” activities. This is known as the "class B" uniform. Scouts still need to wear the "class A" uniform (regular scout shirt) even at outdoor events during official flag raising and lowering ceremonies, flag retirement ceremonies, parades, or other Pack/Den events where we want to make a good impression.

Volunteers: The pack is entirely run by volunteers and we are always looking for parents who would like to help Pack 89. We ask every parent to try to volunteer and help out in any way they can. There are many opportunities to help out both big and small. Training is provided and required depending on the position. Please talk to any of the leaders, if you would like to help out.

Adult Training: All Adults are required at a minimum to have BSA on-line "Youth Protection" Training and the chartering organizations "Protecting Gods Children" Training. See the Adult Training Information page on this website for more information.

Pack Communication Resources: Pack 89 employees many resources to keep parents and scouts be informed as to what is going on, and to aid leaders and parent volunteers to improve communication and to simplify the effort involved. Among these are the following:

1. Website – Pack 89’s website is an interactive, easy to use, password protected website. Maintained and updated on a regular basis with all the latest information about the pack. Everyone in Pack 89 is able to interact with this website to help keep it current. The website allows pack leaders, event organizers and den leaders to more easily manage the pack, events, and dens. The website features a highly interactive calendar to manage all pack meetings, pack events, den meetings, and den events in one convenient place. The website has both public content (non-password protected web pages) to help promote Pack 89 and private content (password protected) pages where photo albums, a calendar, and other private information is kept. Everyone is invited to help contribute content to the website, which is also very easy to do.

2. EBlast - The web site automatically generates a single “EBlast” email once a week to keep everyone current on what is happening in the Pack and in their den(s). The EBlast is automatically tailored to whatever group(s) you (leaders) and your son(s) (Den) belongs to, with the most urgent information at the top. This improves communication by cutting down on “email burn out” by providing one concise email to refer to each week.

3. Scout Track – Is an online resource for keeping track of the scout’s accomplishments. Pack leaders, Den leaders and can mark accomplishments that the Cub Scout has achieved in an interactive easy to use online database, and parents can keep track of their son's accomplishments. This informs the pack’s advancement chair of what patches and awards the scout has earned, so they will be ready and waiting for your scout receive at the next Pack meeting.

Pack Leadership: The pack is run by a committee, which consists of a Committee Chair, Cubmaster, Treasurer, Advancement Chair, Outings Chair, Secretary, Member and Registration Chair, Public Relations Chair, Pack Trainer, and FOS Chair. The Cubmaster is a non-voting member of the committee. Reporting to the Cubmaster are Assistant Cubmasters and Den Leaders. Event coordinators and other volunteers report to the Committee and the Cubmaster. The Committee meets once a month, year round, to discuss pack business, and plan events, etc. They also attend a monthly Roundtable put on by the Thunderbird District to help supplement training and network with other Cub Scouting leaders. All parents are invited to attend the committee meetings and Roundtables to learn and provide their input.

The Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders are most directly involved with the Cub Scouts.

Pack 89 is chartered from the BSA by Saint Joan of Arc Church and reports up to the Thunderbird District, which is under the Three Fires Council. The Boy Scouts of America is broken up in to councils, which are then broken up in to districts. Under each district are Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact us and someone will contact you as soon as possible. Also, check out this Parent Information guide.

Cub Scout Pack 89
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